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How to cut paper snowflakes, paper snow flake how to, make your own snowflakes for Christmas

If you've seen the Christmas movie ELF then you've seen them, everywhere.  Paper snowflakes, possibly the world's most affordable Christmas decorations.  With a ream of paper, some scissors, and a little Christmas origami you too can fill your home with wonderful paper snowflakes of all shapes and sizes.



Paper Snowflake Cutting Tips:

You can use any size paper, just be sure you always start with a square like in the template.

Don't limit yourself to just white, try cutting snowflakes from old maps, scrapbook paper, old book pages, etc... just make sure the paper isn't too thin, giftwrap is normally too thin

Freestyle your paper snowflakes for a unique look.  Our snowflake template gives you the basics and shows you only 3 designs, we want you to come up with your own!  Once you have the basic snowflake folding pattern down, each snowflake can be different, just like the real ones!
Paper snowflakes, paper snow flake how to

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